Like My Dad

“The only man a girl can depend on is her daddy,” Frenchy in Grease

Dads. Couldn’t live without them. Literally. 

As daughters, we get the good qualities and the bad ones, but in the end, they shape who we are. Dads have been around since the day we began breathing, they’re the ones who (along with our remarkable mothers) who helped us to take our first step, pull out our first tooth (painfully might I add), they listen(ed) to the endless amount of hormonal tears and endured through the hyper energy of our youth. They take you driving for the first time, show you what real music is, give you away at your wedding (and secretly shed a few tears, but they would probably never actually admit it). 

But, as we all know, it’s not always “sunshine and lollipops.”There are the times when us daughters have a tone too sharp, and that leads to the stern frustration in their voice. There are times when we just thought our life was going to end, because our dads wouldn’t let us do something. We daughters may have thought they were being “old school” or “strict”, but then we realized our dads were willing to temporarily sacrifice our good opinion of their rules, so that in the end, we would be protected and shielded from any darkness or ugliness of the world. 

And so, I will end my little essay portion of this post with this:

My imperfection and stubbornness may in fact sometimes lead you to believe I would rather be independent and alone in all the decisions I make. In truth, I will always search for your loving approval on the little and big decisions I make, because I care about your opinion far more than my own inexperience most days. Thank you for always giving me the some of the best advice, and telling me about your past mistakes and good decisions (even if you would rather not be open all the time). Dad, thank you for genuinely believing I was beautiful on the inside and out, even when I felt like I couldn’t look in the mirror. Thank you to all the dads, for treating our mothers with true love and respect, because now I know the type of man I want to share my life with some day. Dads, we love you eternally, despite all of the bumps and dips in the crazy ride, we call life 💙
I was brainstorming with one of my best friends Dylan about this post, and I decided to interview her about her experiences with her dad. She didn’t have time to study these questions beforehand,  so the candid interview is here:

G: Question number one, are you ready? 🙂 Ok, “what is the best trait you have from your dad?”

D: You mean a physical trait or–?

G: It can be anything. Like what part of yourself is like him, that you like?

D: Ok, well I guess our sense of humor is really similar. We’re both kinda goofy and crazy and that’s what I’ve gotten from him, because he’s really energetic and that’s kind of how we bond. 

G: Cute! Ok, next question: “What is your worst trait that you inherited from your dad” *laughs*

D: My dad can be really impatient *she giggles* so I think I’ve gotten that from him too. And because we are so energetic, we always need to be doing something right now. 

G: Number 3: “Best advice you ever got from your dad?”

D: It would probably be about boys, I’m just trying to think–

G: Isn’t it always? *laughs*

D: It could have been in Yosemite or something — just putting perspective into boys in general. One time he just looked at me, and he was just like “Promise me you’ll go travel, have fun, do your thing etc. before you get married. Just wait.” Everyone knows it, but you really have to do it. 

G: Yeah, I really like that advice. Ok, question number 4: “Most embarrassing moment alongside your dad?”

D: I don’t know there’s a lot… just kidding *she laughs*. It would have to be something he’s done around my friends. But I don’t know if I am ever really embarrassed because he’ll try to be — but I dont really care at the same time. Because you’ll see those movies and you’re like “OMG that’s the most embarrassing dad! I would never want my dad to be like that” or something (that’s not how I am). Maybe just the little things, when he does karaoke – because he loves karaoke and maybe he’ll hog the microphone or something *laughs*. I think it’s embarrassing but it’s funny at the same time. 

G: Awww. Number 5: “Most memorable moment alongside your dad?”

D: Aww that’s a cute one. Maybe it’s just like surfing together, or when we go get breakfast together and it’s not planned, it’s just kind of spontaneous. It could have even been when he was single, because we spent a lot of time together (when I was little). I remember we were in the car one time, and all of these school rock songs came on, and “Should I Stay or Should I Go” came on, and we were just jamming to that. 

G: I love that. OK, last question: “What would you like to say to your dad, and to all the dads of the world.”

D: hmm Ok. I would like to say- Thank you (all) for everything that you do for us, and for always trying to strengthen our relationship (with you). Even though it may seem like we don’t care enough, we love you, we cherish all of the little things, and we want to spend tim with you. Never give up on us! 🙂


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